Mixed media experiments in 2017


This year has been full of creativity. Last Christmas I was given a book on mixed media (Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop by Serena Barton), and got hooked on experimenting with various techniques; inks, collage, paint, structure paste, textiles and more. Most of these experiments were on canvas board, starting with this piece using ink glaze and pages from an old atlas.


After playing around with collage for a while I tried various other materials.  I introduced some textile elements, such as weaving, and experimented with using wax.  I’d been to a few encaustic workshops, but I don’t have the proper kit for that, so I played around with melting wax crayons.  I also tried using wax as a resist medium to give a batik-style effect.


Striped MoorlandLithic BlueWindowsill

What else?  I discovered the joy of Brusho, had a go at acrylic pouring, and learned how to do book folding art (a bit fiddly for me, but good to know).  Here’s to 2018 being just as creative!

You can see more of my work on my Instagram account.


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