2017 Review

It’s January – the time for looking back over the year and anticipating the new.  So, here are some of my arts & crafts highlights for 2017.

Main focus for the year: mixed media canvases. I started the year inspired by a new book which demonstrated collage and ink glaze techniques.  I produced quite a few pieces, getting through a lot of canvas boards and experimenting with different media along the way.

Most fun artwork: Home is where the Art is. I used just about every technique I could cram into this one: paint, ink, stencilling, heat embossing, collage, fabric, structure paste, 3D elements and probably a few other things as well.

Mixed media canvas

Favourite product of the year: probably has to be Brusho. I finally succumbed and bought some at Make-It in February. I love the unexpected patterns and colours it produces as it mixes together.  I have also made much use of my Art Basics – Mixed Media Essentials set.

This is the first year I: organised a craft event, doing upcycling workshops and activities to raise money for a local homelessness charity. Unfortunately we didn’t have very many visitors, but those that did come had a great time.  I even learned how to do book folding art to demonstrate the event.

New technique: acrylic pouring.  I tried this while visiting a friend (and her new craft room!).  It’s very messy.  My first attempt didn’t come out quite how I wanted, but I managed to rescue it by taking it home and covering it in structure paste and embellishments.

What I’m looking forward to in 2018: new mixed media experiments (not sure what yet!); getting back into life drawing; trying to keep this blog up to date (it could happen!)


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