Bruised Heart

First piece of 2018!

Despite the theme, I really enjoyed making this.  It even came out almost like I imagined, which doesn’t often happen.

I inked some old sheet music, cut it into shape and glued it to a canvas board along with some scraps of paper and ribbon for texture. I went over the background with ink glaze in layers until I got an effect I was happy with. The final touch was the twisted wire, which isn’t very obvious in the photo but gives much more depth to the piece in real life (literally as well as figuratively!)

Barbed wire
Close up of the wire

Actuall two strips of wire mesh twisted together to give the barbed effect.



Inked paper
Preparing the paper

Although I love browsing pretty paper in craft shops, making my own is actually more fun (and cheaper).  Old book pages, maps and sheet music are easy to come by in charity shops.  For this effect I used Brusho and a water spray, and added some metallic embossing powder.



Still awaiting inspiration for the next piece.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates…


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