Up my street

This was my second attempt at acrylic pouring. I had an idea to pour over chipboard shapes, or something else with a bit of depth, to see what effect it gave. I found just what I was looking for on a visit to Bella Crafts РStudio 490 Art Parts by Wendy Vecchi. These house shapes seemed simple enough to add interest without having detail to get lost under the paint.

The pouring worked fine, though I did need to use quite a lot to get it in all the gaps. Once it was dry (and this takes a really long time) I emphasised the edges with gold ink and used a textured medium mixed with some mica powder to indicate a street between them.

I confess I am ambivalent about the result. The paint creates such lovely marbled patterns that covering any of it up seemed a shame, but a good composition helps to draw your eye around a piece – otherwise there is too much detail to take in all at once. I think I half achieved that. To me there’s still something missing, and I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe if I leave it lying around it will come to me.

Acrylic pour over house shapes


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