Breaking through the barrier

Well, I’ve been uninspired for a while.  Plus, I was having problems with this site that meant I had to change the template again, so it’s been some time since I posted anything.  But finally, after a few attempts at mixed media canvases that didn’t seem to go anywhere, I was very pleased with this piece that almost seemed to paint itself.


It’s mostly acrylic paint, with a bit of collage, stamped elements and some texture added with structure paste.  I actually paid some attention to the composition in the beginning, which probably helped, and worked in layers, adding elements where the balance seemed off, and toning down areas which became to prominent.  It’s not perfect, but given some of my recent attempts, it actually felt… a bit of a relief.

So what are the main takeaways from this?  First, finding the balance between knowing when to give up and when to persevere.  My previous canvases came to a point where I knew things weren’t going to get any better with them, and they needed, if not completely abandoning, setting aside for a time.  Maybe I’ll go back to them.  Maybe I won’t.  But it was equally important not to give up altogether.  Trying again from scratch could have led to another disappointment, but as it happened I ended up with something I was quite pleased with.

Second, even the abandoned canvases gave me something.  The technique I used with the structure paste was one I discovered on a previous piece.  It didn’t fit with that piece, but it was something I wanted to try again.  I spread on the paste and dimpled it with the end of a paintbrush, then before it was completely dry I sprinkled on some Brusho.  Then once it had dried I covered it with a transparent glaze.  Once that had dried, I dry-brushed some acrylic paint over the top to catch the ridges, leaving the brighter colour in the dimples.

On to the next…


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