Pink isn’t my favourite crayon

I’ve never really been a pink kind of girl. So I was a bit surprised when I took it into my head to do a pink canvas. I think it was a trip to Hobbycraft, looking at the selection of acrylic paint and choosing ones which would go with my previous purchases, which led me to a bright fuchsia and purple.  After using them to stencil a few tulips, I still had a lot of pink paint left over…

I decided to go very mixed in my media on this one, digging out paper from my stash and magazine cuttings to collage with, as well as textiles and a variety of embellishments.

BackgroundFirst, I liberally applied the pink paint to the canvas, adding just a bit of purple, and smoothed out with a palette knife. Once dry, I covered it with watered down gesso. I achieved a very satisfactory effect by experimentally rubbing it down with a scrap of rag, giving an interesting texture and a bright centre which paled towards the edges.

The next stage was layering stencilled patterns using pink, blue and gold ink. I knew I wanted to add a focal image in the top right, though I hadn’t decided what yet. I laid out my collage and textiles elements, trying to frame this area.

Going with the pink theme, I decided my focal image had to be a flamingo. I drew it on a separate sheet of paper, going over pencil marks with a black fineline pen, and coloured it with watercolor sticks. I then cut it out and added it as a collage element, merging it in with more pink paint around the edges.


Finally I glued on my scraps of fabric, ribbon and other embellishments.
Do you know what? I actually quite like the colour.

Maybe pink is the love you discover.


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