Inspired by… sunset colours

ColoursI bought this set of mini Distress Inks a while ago.  They make a great palette; bright, warm colours with a vivid contrasting blue. I used them in a card I made recently when interviewing for a job with a cardmaking magazine (I didn’t get the job unfortunately, but I’m still quite pleased with the card).  I used them to colour some thick paper which I then die cut and embossed to make the petals of a flower.  It was a good excuse to use some of my many embossing folders.Card

Then I got a bit of an acrylic paint habit (nothing serious, just one or two whenever I visit a craft shop).  Now that I’ve got acrylic paints to match, I felt like pairing them up and seeing what I could create.  They cried out to be used as a sunset, of course.  I revisited a batik-style technique, using wax on canvas to mask some areas, and used the Distress Inks watered down to give the first layer.

Then I got messy with the paint.  I love the effect of flicked paint drops, it makes a piece look more dynamic and interesting – but it does tend to end up with me covered in paint.  Ah well.  I think it was worth it.


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