Inktober 2018 – Week 1

Here’s my first weekly round-up of Inktober pics.

Day 1

Inks: Distress Ink droppers in Mustard Seed, Ripe Persimmon, Milled Lavender and Evergreen Bough. Copic marker Warm Grey no. 7.

CoverToday was the front cover of the journal. I had a leather scrap that I planned to use for the purpose, though a few experiments confirmed it would be difficult to ink onto. I therefore went with my alternative idea of inking other material and sewing it on. I used some scraps of white tablecloth, which worked nicely as the woven pattern was emphasised by the ink. I also used white felt, submerging it in diluted ink, ironing it and die cutting flower shapes. With a final scrap of inked fabric, I wrote the title in Copic pen. These all got fixed on with a combination of machine and hand stitching, and I went over the letters with embroidery thread.
Not my best effort, but at least I started the month with a finished piece.

Day 2

Inks: Distress Ink pads in Pumice Stone and Rusty Hinge.

ContentsI had a definite idea for today. I’d found an experimental background, made a while ago with peel-off stickers of the months of the year under acrylic paint. This clearly wanted to be a contents page, with October highlighted. It needed to be something quick tonight, and I had some steampunk-type masks and stamps that I felt would go well. I found a sheet of paper to write descriptions of my pages on as I went along. I didn’t want to permanently obscure the design, so I went with a removable envelope secured with a rather nice clip which went with the theme.
This turned out better than I’d expected.

Day 3

Inks: Distress Ink pad in Tea dye, Versacolour Lagoon Blue, Copic markers (warm greys).

I had no idea what to do today, so decided to let myself be inspired by one of the background pieces I’d prepared. I was drawn to a sheet of paper I’d used to mop up ink in a previous project; a mix of orange and yellow and brown with the occasional splash of green and purple. I liked the watery effect of the colours mixing together. Once I’d stared at it for a while and decided what it was, I decided I wasn’t going to risk drawing the scene and went for stamps again instead. Then I finished it off with a few Copic pens.
Surprisingly pleased with this one.

Day 4

Inks: Faber-Castell black calligraphy pen, Promarkers in Cocktail Pink, Putty, Cocoa, Satin and Pear Green, blender pen.

SonnetThis one is a couplet from a John Masefield sonnet. I’m a fan of sonnets. They’re short, and have a comfortingly familiar rhythm. The full poem is about how humans have such intelligence, imagination and spirit, but are housed in such earth-bound bodies. Masefield sounds a little frustrated with the situation, but I took the last line to act as a reminder to find peace with these limitations.
My calligraphy is dreadful, and the Promarkers didn’t blend like I wanted them to, but the final piece isn’t too bad if you squint at it.

Day 5

Inks: Brusho in Turquoise, Emerald Green, Ultramarine, Yellow, Orange and Brilliant Red, Faber-Castell black calligraphy pen.

MandalaI like using resist techniques, so today’s experiment was using paraffin wax pellets direct onto the paper, and heating them with a heat gun.  I built up three layers, warm colours on one side, cool on the other. That just called for some sort of yin/yang design, which turned into a sort of mandala.  A bit random.

Day 6

Inks: New Distress Oxide Inks, yey! Blueprint Sketch, Twisted Citron, Candied Apple and Squeezed Lemonade.  Faber-Castell black 1.5 pen, Tattered Angels Glimmer mist (copper).

AutumnThis was simply to test out the new inks, which I dripped onto the paper and smooshed around with an old store card and sprayed with water. Then I had to work out what to do in the foreground.  I think it ended up being a sketch of my hand because that was what I had… er, to hand. I spritzed the leaves with some glimmer mist, and ended up shading the hand with chalk pastel, because you’re allowed to do that sort of thing with mixed media.  This one has a name – it’s called Observing Autumn. Not because it’s a particularly good piece, but just because the name occurred to me.

Day 7

Inks: Faber-Castell black SB pen, Distress Oxide ink in Squeezed Lemonade and Candied Apple.

ClevedonToday I went to Clevedon and sketched the pier.  It’s remarkably complicated, and I’ve never been much good at architecture.  But I had an idea I could use a distress oxide ink over it and make it look, well, distressed.  Like an old picture. It sort of worked…?  The black pen wasn’t entirely waterproof, so I had to be a bit careful not to smudge.


One week down, 24 days left to go!


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