Inktober 2018 – Week 3

I tried to keep it simple this week.  I’m not sure I managed it.

Day 15

Inks: Memories Mists Blueberry Shake ink spray

img_20181015_203115-237483331.jpgIn an attempt to keep it simple, today’s effort just used one ink and one technique – masking. I cut the shapes with my Cuttlebug die cutter and stuck them on a scrap of handmade wrapping paper with a dash of prit-stick to hold them still while spraying with an ink mister. They peeled off pretty easily afterwards. The ink actually was blue, but on the contrasting orange paper it looks more like brown. I still like the effect though. It was ultra-simple and surprisingly effective.

Day 16

Inks: Black biro, Tea Dye Distress Ink pad

img_20181016_184610784206005.jpgThis piece was inspired by necessity. My train was cancelled and I had to wait for the next one, which meant I wouldn’t have time to do a proper inktober piece before going out. So I made use of the at supplies I had on me; a dog-eared lined notepad and a black biro. Sketching random people is a great challenge. They don’t sit still. You have to try and capture what you can very quickly. I finished it off at home by sticking the sketches onto thin card, edging with an ink pad, and stamping “waiting…” across it.

Day 17

Inks: Distress Oxide Inks in Blueprint Sketch, Twisted Citron, Candied Apple and Squeezed Lemonade.

Well, this one was an exciting journey.
The initial plan was to use the very water-reactive inks by dabbing off some of the ink through a stencil with a damp piece of kitchen towel. This worked with a varying amount of success. You can still see it in the blue section at the top, where I used a tree stencil. But it didn’t work quite so well on the other areas, and worse, the colours just didn’t go together. It was not looking good. So, in true mixed media style, I covered it up.


I’d actually kept some paper towel from a previous project where I’d used it to mop up ink, because it had separated out into beautiful blue and purple patches which I thought would look good incorporated into another project. So I got some glue and started sticking it over the bits I didn’t like. And suddenly I loved it. It did completely unexpected things; the glue picked up some of the colour of previous layers, and the texture of the glued paper towel was really fun. I finished it off by dripping some green and red ink down the page to tie the composition together.


Day 18

Inks: Copic black marker, Sakura pens

img_20181018_2110511284227642.jpgI have quite a few Sakura pens, which I hardly ever use. This project reminded me why. When it comes to drawing, I’m not really a detail person. The pens only really work on small areas, and I can never get a smooth finish. However, the glaze pens do look very nice on transparencies. It turned out I was much more limited in colour than I thought, because some of them had dried up, at least enough not to take well on the smooth surface. It’s only really the glaze and souffle pens that I know will work on acetate; I have a few others, but I suspected they would rub off so I didn’t risk it. I used the Copic pen to draw the design on the front, and the Sakura pens on the back. It took ages and I wasn’t thrilled by it.

Day 19

Inks: Faber-Castell black pens, white gel pen, Distress Ink pads in Walnut Stain, Tea Dye, Rusty Hinge and Pumice Stone.

img_20181019_203814339539803.jpgI had some corrugated card and wanted to do a piece with natural-looking colours and materials that would coordinate with it. I drew and stamped leaves and twigs on a brown paper bag and tore out the shapes. I found some scraps of fabric that suited the project, a piece of wood patterned paper and some gold foil. I used some old card embellishments; the leaves and the frame, and a few blobs of gold sealing wax. I was most worried about the glue not holding it together, but it seems to be okay for now.

Day 20

Inks: Ink pads in red and blue (mini Ink It Up), metallic silver (Encore), Rose Coral and Ice Blue (Color Box Chalk), plus a clear embossing ink pad.

img_20181020_201338924928044.jpgToday I wanted to experiment with triple embossing. This is where you use embossing powder in layers until you build up a thick coat, and then stamp into it while hot to leave an impression. I have a nice rubber stamp of butterflies and clocks, and for some reason, some separate stamp sets of butterflies and clocks, no relation. I started with a double image in red and blue, like those pictures for 3D glasses, aligning the stamp as closely as I could so there was only a small offset. I went over it with the embossing pad and started building up layers of clear embossing powder, which I stamped into with the same stamp. Then I filled in the background with the other images in silver and pale blue, and a bit of the rose coral to make the paper off-white to blend a bit more with the embossed sections. This is a time-consuming technique, but actually quite fun to do.


Day 21

Inks: Ink misters (Cosmic Shimmer Blue Lime, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Copper), Fired Brick Distress Stain.

img_20181021_1751033951568550494.jpgThis piece started with a sheet I had practiced a paint effect on previously in some nice autumn colours, and some fallen leaves I had picked up. I used them as masks and built up layers, sometimes using white gesso to cover up areas, sometimes using the inks to add colour. The ink sprays both defined the new leaf shapes and let the previous layers show through, plus they add a bit of sparkle. All in all, I like the effect. It’s not a finished piece, but it has great potential as a background technique.


Not long to go now!


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