Inktober 2018 – Week 4

Nearly at the end now…

Day 22

Inks: Brusho in turquoise, ultramarine and brown, Blue Lime shimmer spray, embossing ink pad, embossing pen.

SeahorsesI felt this was a Brusho day. I’d also enjoyed the embossing a few days ago, so decided to do more of that.  I dug out my seahorse stamp (seahorses are awesome) and embossed them in various colours of embossing powder (blues and purples, with a sprinkling of copper across all of them).  I drew the bubbles with an embossing pen and used white powder on them. Now I could add the background with the Brusho inks. I used a lot of water and tipped the paper so that they ran sideways. Once dry, I sprayed with the shimmer mist just because I liked the colour.

Day 23

Inks: Bronze Sharpie.

WyrmI ended up going for simple today, mostly because I had a couple of attempts at something less simple and it didn’t work.  I had been planning to do a dragon, but I couldn’t get the wings right, so I gave up and did a wyrm.  And stylised seemed to be the way to go, so I went with a less-is-more approach just using the one pen – a nice bronze Sharpie.

Day 24

Inks: Copic markers, Distress Ink pad in Tea Dye

Flower bowlThis turned out remarkably well! I went a little too dark in a couple of areas, but other than that I was quite pleased with this one. I chose a piece of patterned paper from my craft stash for the background, and started by stamping some flowers onto copier paper and cutting them out to make simple masks. Then I built up the flower arrangement by stamping onto the background, starting with the flowers at the front and masking as I went. I shaded the flowers with the Copics, and did the bowl freehand.

Day 25

Inks: Brusho in black, turquoise, ultramarine, purple and brilliant red.

SequinsThis was probably a huge mistake.  I had a scrap of suede that I wanted to try out some inks on, and went for sprinkling it with Brusho while damp just to see the effect.  So far so good.  The suede took the ink very well.  Then I decided to add a strip of sparkly netting to it, and some sequins (using glue, because suede is rather difficult to hand stitch, and I wasn’t up to attempting the sewing machine tonight).  This did not work as well as I’d hoped.  And then I had the crazy idea of adding microbeads and glitter.  The best I can say about it is that it’s very sparkly.  Let’s move on.

Day 26

Inks: Distress Ink droppers in Ripe Persimmon and Evergreen Bough, black Faber-Castell SB pen.

ViolinToday I went back to my Distress Ink droppers and one of my favourite collage materials – old sheet music.  For a change, I cut the paper instead of tearing it, after having inked it in a fairly random fashion with the two colours, diluted slightly and applied with a brush.  I layered it up in rectangles, trying to get one colour over the top of the other so there was a good distribution.  Then I looked up a silhouette of a violin on Google and drew it on freehand.  It’s slightly out of proportion, but could have been worse.

Day 27

Inks: Windsor & Newton drawing inks in blue, emerald, violet and canary yellow.

DoodlesThere’s no excuse for buying new inks this far into Inktober, but I did, so here’s me testing them out.  I used a fine brush and just did some doodles, to get a feel for how they work.  You can paint with them straight from the bottle.  They dry pretty quickly, and are not affected by water once they’ve dried, so you can put more ink over the top without them blurring or mixing.  But you can add water while they are still liquid, to give more of a wash effect and vary the strength.  You can also mix them; there are two kinds of green here, the emerald and a slightly duller green I got by mixing blue and yellow.

Day 28

Inks: Windsor & Newton drawing inks (blue, emerald, nut brown, orange and canary yellow), Cosmic Shimmer Mist (Plum Twist), ColorBox chalk ink pad (Blue Iris)

MountainI have an ink disperser, the kind that’s a pipe that you blow through.  I haven’t had much luck with it before because the inks I had were too thick, but I thought it might work with these.  It did.  I used torn paper to mask, and an old map as a background.  The yellow and orange in the foreground were too bright, so I sprayed some purple shimmer mist over them and dabbed off with a paper towel to tone them down a bit.  I stamped some flowers across the bottom using the dark blue ink pad.  I decided the blue in the sky was too strong, and heavily fingerpainted some clouds over it with gesso.

Just three more days to go!  I’ll keep posting them on Twitter and Instagram, and will try to do a final post next Friday, when I’ve had time to bind the finished journal.


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