Flirting with disaster

Last weekend my arting didn’t go as planned.  I was hoping for a nice, relaxed, serendipitous session where everything flowed and my emotions just magically transformed the page in front of me into something beautiful.  That didn’t happen.

I started with writing out the lyrics of a song that had been stuck in my head all day (this one, if you’re interested), using coloured inks and a fountain pen.  Don’t attempt to find any trace of it in the final piece, it has been thoroughly covered over.  Several layers of gesso, ink, acrylic paint and structure paste later, I was not the least bit happy with it.  The colours looked wrong together.  The whole thing was too rough and full-on.

I decided to go over the bits I didn’t like with a thick layer of white gesso.  That turned out to be most of it.

Then I ignored it for a few days.

Coming back to it, it didn’t look quite so bad.  The colours showed through the gesso in varying strengths, and looked a lot more harmonious.  I stamped it up with my Elusive Images “Patchwork butterfly” stamp set, and left it at that.


And what have we learnt from this little adventure?

  • White gesso is a mixed media essential.
  • I really like the Distress Oxide “Seedless Preserves” ink colour.
  • I got to practice some calligraphy with a dip pen, which was new and interesting.
  • You can recover from a disaster with time, patience, a new perspective and an open mind.

I’ll try to remember that last, it sounds important.


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