Getting creative with collage elements

I discovered the other week that my local supermarket has a charity bookcase.  People can donate their old books, and you can pick them up for a pay-as-you-feel donation to the charity tin.  Having been inspired by an online workshop on abstract flower painting involving collage (another Laly Mille class – Wild Roses) I was delighted to find these beauties:

books(Look at the cover on “Flowering Bulbs in Colour”, doesn’t it scream 70’s?!)  By the way, don’t be fooled by the “in colour”.  There are some colour plates, but most of the photographs are in black and white.  Which presents a wonderful opportunity.  I got some inks out and started playing.

I did this piece on a canvas board, with acrylic paint for the background.  I wrote out some of the text from the book with white gel pen and added some scribbles and splatters.  Then I glued on the cut-out inked picture, merging it into the background with more acrylic paint and some layers of white tissue paper, which also gave a nice textured surface to add interest.  A few more splatters and drips over the top also helped tie it in.

Vallota full picture

And that’s just with one photo!  I have three books worth of pictures to play with, not to mention the text.  One has a whole section which just lists different varieties, some of which have fantastic names.  I can’t wait to collage with Lady Claire, Cloth of Gold, Rose Dawn and Storm King (fuchsias, in case you were wondering).  I can feel some found poetry coming on.


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