The Unending Sky

As promised, here is the result of my semi-commissioned piece; the colour scheme was teal and copper, and the themes were art nouveau, astrophysics and steampunk.  It can be quite fun to get other people to give you themes to work with, as it’s usually something a bit different from what you would have tried yourself.  For example, it had never occurred to me to try something in the style of art nouveau, but I was very pleased with my (entirely drawn from scratch) art nouveau woman, somewhat in the style of Mucha.

There was heavy use of collage in the background, which were simply printouts of space-related drawings and diagrams.  Orreries (mechanical models of the solar system) are decidedly steampunk after all.  I took the excuse to buy some copper leaf flakes and have a play with them.  Way harder than anticipated, because it really matters what kind of glue you use, and I spent ages trying the wrong ones.  Best results came with double-sided sticky tape, but I could only use that on the straight bits.

The writing in the background is from John Masefield’s sonnet “The Unending Sky”.  I love Masefield, I love sonnets, and I’ve loved this one since I was a kid.  It fit very well, so I just had to include it somehow.

All in all, I spent  long time on this piece, to the point where I felt I had to stop before it drove me a bit nuts.  But I did enjoy it, and on the whole I think it’s okay.




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