Abstract interlude

Here’s a small experiment using absorbent ground, a new mixed media product I’ve discovered.  It’s a white, opaque fluid that is more absorbent than a gesso-primed canvas (more like paper).  This means if you apply it only in places you get interesting effects where the ink adheres differently depending on what’s underneath.  I actually covered the first layer with acrylic varnish and put more absorbent ground over the top, and there the ink will basically wipe off the varnished surface, making the effect more pronounced.

I used watered-down Brusho and let it run in drips in various directions.  On the top layer of absorbent ground you can see how the different pigments separate out, which is kinda fun.  More experimenting to be done here, I think.

I finished off with gilding flakes on double-sided sticky tape.  Yeah, that sounds tacky.  We need a new name for double-sided tape when applied to artwork.  How about “linear adhesive”?  Does that sound more like a proper art material?



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