A little book of flowers and hearts

I said I was going to have a go at making an art book, after being inspired by BABE 2019.  Well, here it is – a minibook, with pages made from folded train tickets.  Because I had some.

At the moment it is actually a little book of blank pages, but my intention is to doodle, just simple patterns in black pen, and flowers and hearts will fit the bill nicely.

The pages, and the cardboard covers, are decorated with a combination of ink, scraps of sheet music, coloured tissue paper and white gesso.  I did a slightly weird thing with the pages, just to see if it worked – I cut a slot half way down in the middle of each and interlocked them.  It’s made them a bit irregular, possibly because I wasn’t accurate enough, but I don’t mind that.  The key was very random, I just needed something to tie the cord around and that’s what came to hand.  I do in fact have a small bag of miscut keys I got for a small charity donation at Timpsons, just so I could use them in random art projects.

So, I guess this counts as an upcycling project.  I am looking forward to doing some mindful doodling, when I get time…

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