Feeling into learning

I’ve just started doing a course.  It’s not your standard academic course; it’s peer led learning, where you get to choose your own question to explore.  And in a slightly meta twist, my question is about learning.  You can read about it on my other blog if you’re interested.  The course is very different in other ways too; we’re encouraged to explore our questions through play, discussion, creativity and self-reflection as well as research.  With that in mind, I decided to do a journalling piece to feel into my question.

Yeah, I mostly wanted an excuse to play with paint and collage again.

But here’s the initial journalling, which ended up pretty much entirely covered by later layers.


I was particularly drawn to “be all you can be”, and ended up reproducing it on the top layer.  The next stage was trawling through my magazine cut-outs and instinctively pulling out things that felt enriching and representative of learning experiences.


I had a complete lack of focal point at this stage, so used acrylic paint to create some structure.  It was supposed to be vaguely representative of a desk under a window, but I wasn’t really aiming for accuracy here.


I felt it still needed a focal point, so messy fingerpainting ended up covering the remainder of the original layer. More journalling filled up any gaps I thought were lacking something.


And that’s it!  Now back to studying.

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