Dreamtime doodles

Just a quick one – I’ve been rather busy recently, which is why I’m only managing to post about once a month at the moment.  But a friend came to visit a few weeks ago and let me play with her mica paints, so I’ve had this background sitting around while I worked out what to do with it.


Partly inspired by the artwork in a card game I was playing on my phone (yeah, I know I said I was busy, but apparently procrastination can help you be more creative, so there) I thought I’d try my hand at a sort of freestyle, scribbly dreamscape.  It’s not the kind of thing I normally do.  I just used two thicknesses of black pen and one of white, and without any planning went for a landscape of crazy animals and plants.  It’s… different.  If nothing else, it’s a good sketchbook exercise, getting the pen moving without the brain censuring too much.  And it didn’t take long (less than one Hozier album).

Wasteland, baby…

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