The turning season

Last weekend I went away with a group of people on a harvest-themed gathering.  We ran workshops for each other, ate amazing vegetarian food and sang around a campfire.  My offering was a mixed media collage and fingerpainting workshop.  It turns out this is a great way to get people to loosen up about artmaking; if it’s fingerpainting, it’s just playing, right?  It doesn’t have to be good.  So everyone did amazing pieces without worrying about it.

I’ve started to really like the idea of using words to collage with.  You can do a sort of found poetry; you just pick words you are drawn to, and end up producing phrases or sentences you wouldn’t have thought of but that just seem to fit.  I discovered this on a zine workshop a few weeks ago.  Here’s a page I made almost entirely from magazine cut-outs, with just a bit of pen:


I’ve started an extra section in my collage folder just for text.  I’m going to have plenty to do on the long, dark evenings ahead!

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