What’s this blog about, then?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your time immersed in creativity?
Wouldn’t it be lovely to escape from the pressures of the day and lose yourself in the flow?
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make, explore, dream?

Well, that’s my plan.

I like painting, drawing and playing with paper. I like colours and textures. I like to craft (has art become a verb yet? Can I Art as an occupation?).  I also like writing, and sitting in cafes with my laptop. So here I am writing an arts and crafts blog. If you’re interested in any of the following, check out the category links on the right, or just browse the blog.

Projects: arts and crafts wot I have done.
Thoughts & ideas: inspiration, personal reflections, general musings, things I’d like to try.
Reviews: my thoughts on products, books, exhibitions etc.
News: what’s going on in the arts and crafts world.

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