“So, what do you do?”

I always find it hard to answer this question.  I’m a scanner.  Whatever I’m doing at any one time inevitably fails to cover What I Do in the wider sense.  Things I have done include volunteering for various charities, employability and careers advice, training in interfaith ministry, working in libraries, playing with spreadsheets and databases, and martial arts.

Even when it comes to creativity, I can’t just do one thing.  My creative practices include…

…painting, sketching, card making, textiles, poetry, playing guitar, crochet, jewellery making, digital art, songwriting, pastels, life drawing…

..which might explain why my recent passion has been mixed media.

I experiment with colour and texture, working with a rage of media and techniques. I generally make abstract and semi-abstract pieces.  Having said that, I do also love the more technical and representational practice of life drawing, and have plans to try to fuse the two.  Similarly, I enjoy writing and would like to do more art work incorporating text.

My philosophy is to use creativity to play and relax.  Mental wellbeing is another interest of mine, and the therapeutic value of arts has become increasingly recognised in recent years.  So I would encourage anyone, even if they don’t think they are creative, to have a go at some form of art that they enjoy.  It’s more about the process than the outcome!


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