Preparing for Inktober 2018

Ok, so I know Inktober is strictly more about drawing, but I’m planning to hijack the hashtag and extend it to mixed media. My rule is that it counts as long as I use ink in it somewhere! I’m not going to make use of the official prompt list, but I do have a plan of action – I want to end up with a sample book of interesting techniques and experiments. Inspired on a recent visit to Nature in Art by artist in residence Liz Brooke Ward, I intend to use textiles for some of the pages (Liz had a wonderful pile of samples in the studio that made me itch to get my sewing machine out – do visit her website and take a look). I’ve also gathered card, transparencies, sheet music, maps and various other types of paper, including some that have previously been painted or inked. I will hopefully be able to use the substrate as a starting point, an initial inspiration for each page.

Collecting various materials to use as book pages

So, 31 days means 29 pages plus a front and back cover. Then I will bind them together, and give myself a pat on the back because frankly a page a day for 31 days will be a challenge. Ending up with something I like will be more of an added bonus – this is just about trying things out and seeing what happens, so I’m expecting some disasters.

I’m also going to take quite a broad definition of ‘ink’ (because it’s more fun that way!).

This is all fair game.

I know I’ve still got a few weeks, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…

Wish me luck! (And follow on Twitter and Instagram @paintedjaguar)


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